Working Groups

Qualinet activities are coordinated around 4 Working Groups (WG):

WG1 – Research (Leader: Sebastian Möller): Continue developing the networking and maintaining the COST Action IC1003 research community. Using Task Forces as vehicle for collaboration around targeted research questions. Proposals for hot topics as new research questions and activities. Proposals for funding of selected Task Forces, research questions  and activities.

WG2 – Standardization (Leaders: Peter Schelkens, Christian Timmerer): Maintain and develop partnership with standards groups. Inform Qualinet about ongoing activities in relevant standardization groups. Facilitate access to standardization documents. Facilitate and coordinate contribution to relevant standardization activities

WG3 – Training (Leader: Katrien De Moor): Organize Training Schools in coordination with other initiatives (e.g. QoE-Net)
Continue with online training schools. Continue with STSMs as industrial internships and Erasmus+..

WG4 – Innovation (Tobias Hossfled): Increase and tighten relationship with QoMEX flagship conference. Continue with technical sponsorship of conferences, special sessions and special issues. Develop and participate in the QoE journal initiative. Explore new ways of dissemination through interactive content, art and technology. Coordinate liaisons with other organizations and initiatives