Scientific program

Interaction between various modalities is an important issue in any multimedia system. Hence, subjective evaluation protocols/processes and objective metrics for multi-modal content constitutes a crucial aspect of Qualinet NoE. This includes interaction of audio and speech with video and haptic data, influence of user background, attention, motivation, task, and subjective as well as objective metrics for interactive applications.

The notion of quality refers to different concepts depending on the type of content and the context in which multimedia systems are deployed. Qualinet NoE will explore multi-modal quality metrics, based on various mono-modal metrics for images, video, speech, audio, and haptics. Emphasis will be given to new technologies, such as very high definition and high dynamic range imaging, wide gamut imaging, stereo- and multi-view imaging, novel 3D sound, force feedback devices, and haptic displays, as well as combinations thereof.

Finally, metrics for an application driven subjective and objective evaluation of various processing techniques of multimedia content will be developed, in particular for multimedia communication applications. One important focus of Qualinet NoE will be on gathering a standard collection of test material including subjectively rated content (ground truth) and the development of methods for validation/verification.