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Qualinet Industrial Forum
Fri 09.09.2011     


Special Session on ‘Qualinet Industry Forum’

Chairs: Kjell Brunnström (Acreo AB NetLab: IPTV, Video and Display Quality, Sweden) and Andrea de Polo (Alinari, Italy)

Room: Auditorium

13:40 – Keynote Talk on 'Why medical display quality is a crucial factor in visualization in Healthcare!'

Lecturer: Cédric Marchessoux (Barco, Belgium)

Abstract: Medical displays require a level of quality that is higher than for consumer displays. This presentation presents important characteristics for offering the best solution for physicians. Several important display aspects will be analyzed such as display calibration, viewing conditions (ambient light, viewing distance), brightness, bit depth, luminance stabilization and uniformity & spatial noise. To reach the prerequisite of medical imaging devices, current technologies must be adapted and its pitfalls compensated. For each of those topics a detailed explanation will be given to underline the reasons why these high specifications are necessary. To facilitate the understanding of the presentation by the audience not familiar with the topic, an introduction will be given for explaining the basic and key concept of medical displays and also the nowadays situation in hospitals. Actually, softcopy displays are only one but important part of the digital imaging chain.

14:40 – Lecture on 'Where QoE is needed most: Identifying Hot Topics for Qualinet'

Sebastian Möller (TU Berlin, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany) & Christian Keimel (Technische Universität München, Germany)

15:10 – Coffee Break

Mechelen, Belgium – September 7‐9, 2011

Third International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX 2011)

15:40 Panel Discussion: 'QoE in Applications, Standardization and Certification’

Panel Chair: Fernando Pereira (Instituto Superior Técnico Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal)

Panel Members: Arthur Webster(National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Institute for Telecommunication Sciences NTIA/ITS, US), Ingrid Heynderickx (Philips Research Laboratories ,The Netherlands), Karlheinz Brandenburg (Institute for Media Technology at Ilmenau University of Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT, German), Touradj Ebrahimi (EPFL, Switzerland))

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