16th Qualinet General Assembly

The next Qualinet General Meeting will be held on September 4. 2022 at the Innovation Quarter Lippstadt, Dr.-Arnold-Hueck-Straße 2, 59557 Lippstadt, Germany.

Date: September 4th, 2022

Time: 16:00-18:00


15:00-16:00 Registration and coffee

16:00-16:10 Welcome

16:10-16:25 TF1 Managing web and cloud QoE

16:25-16:40 TF4 Qualinet database (Online)

16:40-16:55 TF5 Crowdsourcing

16:55-17:10 TF6 JQVIIG (Online)

17:10-17:25 TF7 Immersive media experiences

17:25-17:40 TF8 Future directions of Qualinet

17:40-17:50 TF9 Qualinet new web site and document register

17:50-18:00 Summary of TufiQoE

18:00 Closing